Sunday School Classes



    Adult Sunday school classes are an important component of finding a place to connect with others in our congregation. Our congregation offers a variety of classes, and while anyone is welcome to attend any of the classes, many people desire to form a small group with others in similar life circumstances. With that concept in mind, we have grouped the classes by categories to help you determine which classes you might like to visit.

Most classes meet at 9:30 am on Sundays.    

There are currently three (3) adult Sunday School classes available.


Fishers of Men:
Singles and married couples of varying ages and diverse backgrounds make up this class. The members are involved in school activities, scouting, community volunteering and youth activities in the church. Lessons are Bible-based and focused upon the spiritual growth of the individual . This class meets at 10:00 am in the Church Parlor next door to the Pastor's Study in the Office and Education wing.


Pairs and Spares:

The "Pairs and Spares" name defines this diverse group of adults. They meet each Sunday morning for Bible study and enjoy gathering for food and fellowship quarterly.  This is a group of loyal disciples who enjoying growing spiritually, supporting Christ's ministry, and meeting the needs of the "Friendliest Church in Grand Saline." They meet at 10:00 am every Sunday in the hand-bell rehearsal room in the Office and Education room (across the hall from Fishers of Men).


Young Disciples

Our children's classes are available for all age groups. They follow a new an exciting curriculm known as the Workshop Rotation Model (or WoRM, for short). Within the WoRM program our children rotate through various activity-based learning centers such as drama, Bible storytelling, atr and crafts, music, and even snacks. This is a multimedia, experiential, system encouraging children to discover Christ and explore His Word.

The classes meet every Sunday at 10:00am in the classrooms upstairs behind the sanctuary. 

 A nursery is also available.